Envision.js is a library for creating fast, dynamic and interactive HTML5 visualizations.


TimeSeries template with real-time data. This demo features animation of the selection when new data arrives. The data itself is from a function but could be a callback to a remote data source. (click to code)


HTML5 time series chart. This uses the TimeSeries template. Templates provide pre-built interactive visualizations matching common use-cases. TimeSeries comes with zoom support. (click to code)


HTML5 financial chart. This demos the Finance template with data in the global namespace. It specifies an initial selection and custom formatters for the x-axis labels and mouse tracking. (click to code)


AJAX driven financial chart. This demo uses the same Finance template as the previous, but uses the selection interaction callback to manage data. In this case the selection range only triggers a single GET, but this could be arbitrarily complex. (click to code)

Custom - Fractal:

A custom built visualization which draws a fractal. Instead of a template, this uses the envision API and includes a Visualization, a Component, and an Interaction for zooming. The fractal itself is rendered using a custom flotr chart type. (click to code)